Yes We are open ….

Its been a year since one of the Beats stores closed its doors … ┬áSince then there has been a whole heap of things going on behind the scenes to make the store what it is now …

I get asked on a daily what happened so …..

So to start things were getting super tough for us , many reasons for this but mostly the obvious switch up to Internet shopping and the death of Barnstaple High street . The environment we live in dictates what we can and can’t do to a certain extent and there wasnt provisions available for what we had grown. In other words I fucked it and got way to carried away opening two stores! ­čśë

I did obviously think about becoming an Internet store but being a salesman was never the dream ,,,,  running a skate store was always the goal!  The interaction with the local scene, people and culture that comes with the store has always been my drive and motivation.

What to do, took a while to come through for me. I wanted to move forward bringing all the aspects of the store the customers rated but at the same time I wanted to step back to my previous job role of being behind the counter face to face with the people not just managing on a computer screen day in day out.. ┬á Simple right ? Nah mate not for me it was a challenge and I wasn’t gunna do it unless it was as good as I can do, Id rather give up than do a half arsed attempt ┬á..

Forward Eva Backwards Never ….

We have been running for 17 years now and you don’t last that long if your not doing things the people like right ! ? ! So I looked at all these aspects which is kinda different for each and every one . So I streamlined the store put it all under one roof cut the costs of having two shops and all the mega overheads that comes with this make a store that is rad but is also adapted for the current environment.

So I moved with this concept in mind   keeping the Niche streetwear style clothing , The skateboard hardware that has always been the backbone of the store and the newly introduced Coffee and juice bar . Also of course keeping a tight but nice range of skate shoes .

The result is More than the sum of its parts

so yea we are still open ┬á still doing our thing ┬ápass by come check us out …